Omaha Truck Kustomz

Automated Wheel Polishing & Refinishing

Omaha Truck Kustomz is your source for getting your truck wheels refinished and polished! We use a VIS Robotic Wheel Polishing machine that delivers O.E.M. quality mirror finish on aluminum truck rims, which is unmatched by conventional hand polishing.

�Quick & Efficient Service
�24 Hour Turnaround Available
�Tire On or Off of Wheel
�Platinum or Polish Finish
�Bead Cleaning
�Truck Wheels Only 19.5"-24.5" & Super-singles and Super Wide Steers

�Extends the life of the wheels
�Boost the value of your rig
�Leave a shiny impression with your customers and reduces DOT inspections

CALL US TODAY @ 402-291-1961

Steers - $60 Per Wheel
Drives - $65 per Wheel

Additional Services That May Be Required:
Clean Bead Surface - $10 per Wheel
Remove Wheels from Truck - $10 per Wheel
Clean Dirty Wheels - $10 per Wheel
Replace Valve Stem - $4 per Wheel

Volume/Fleet Discounts are available!

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